Android? I-phone?


There is11etpw.jpg some serious rivalry between the Android and Apple brands, or more so their users. Personally, my I-phone serves me well and I do not see myself switching teams anytime soon. The evolution of gadgets (both i-phone and android alike) into a crucial element of our lifestyle and society as a whole comes with dependancy and comfort in what exercising these resources allows (e.g. googling that random statistic or person you wanted to know about).

The Apple brand’s dominance has found a competitor in the Android interface. Essentially, Apples tight net ios interface differs from Androids which allows manufacturers to use it free of charge. Its clear the two franchises conflict from when Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson said Jobs believed that Google had “stolen” Apple’s iOS interface and spread it around “promiscuously”(source: X). Evidently, the choice between apple and Android is ideological (or maybe which looks nicer). Both offer access to the same global interface in a portable device.

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*The meme is commenting on the very small percentage of children whose dependancy on what is in fashion and new kind of makes them seem spoilt.*


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