Does that make me a journalist?

Civil Journalism is a phenomenon challenging the traditional ways people stay informed. A really concise and meaningful definition by Jay Rosen on citizen journalism describes it as…

“When the people formerly known as the audience…”

Right off the bat, the audience is identified as an active disseminator of content, no longer passively being positioned by bias journalism. It is empowerment for society, allowing the ability to discern and disseminate ideas and stories themselves. 

“…employ the press tools in their possession…”

The capabilities of technology allow anyone with internet access to reach the masses across the globe. Social media platforms are utilised by both civil journalists and professional news outlet for its Global reach. The following diagram should help visualise the current social media environment.

“…to inform one another.”

Informing others on social media can come in the form of capturing images of war on your phone and posting them online to contributing to a comment thread on an issue you are passionate about. The idea is that journalism is not restricted to the 6pm news anymore, it is constant and from multiple perspectives.



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