Media Moguls?

Modern society has become dependant on media forms for entertainment, news and work. It is identified with a modern lifestyle with widespread and informed information at peoples fingertips. Chances are this will not be news to any readers! The people that control the media and the apparent monopolisation of mainstream platforms is less known. This diagram gives a snapshot of the current media landscape in Australia:  

If the media is really owned by only a handful of individuals the opportunity for agendas to influence media becomes a serious risk and is no doubt exercised as a privilege of media ownership. Often watching the news from different channels the same stories will recirculate and be repeated through the same avenues with little room for alternative stories. With satirical programs like media watch and the rise of alternative media and news outlets, like reddit or the utilisation of twitter or youtube for news, there has been a shift away from the passive consumption of news by the audience. The media landscape today is moving towards the cognitive input of the people to lead the direction and content of media platforms, moving away from traditional confinements of audience interaction.

There is a huge issue for media audiences in jeopardising the objectivity of information by media outlets as highlighted by Rupert Murdoch’s disbelief in climate change which intern leaves his media outlets to disseminate misinformation.

“Inaccurate media coverage is in turn the primary reason why the public is so misinformed about global warming.” – The Guardian

Again, Rupert Murdoch was accused of using his media influence in disseminating political propaganda, As highlighted in a ‘GetUp Australia’ advertisement campaign:

New content and platforms are being created constantly handing the power into the consumers of media who are now the creators of media. Although significant power is given to individuals in controlling mass mainstream media there has been significant shift to alternative outlets, due to the rise of social media. There may be a few individuals at the helm of major social media platforms but they cannot control internet content due to the expansive and uncensored nature of being online. The way news is curated and shared no longer requires a news anchor, or well lit studios reporting on celebrity gossip (if your interested in that, great)! The point is that content that interests the INDIVIDUAL can be sought out, as opposed to what is prescribed by an individual in media power. 



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