Transmedia lifestyle

The entertainment industry has fully embraced trans media forms of content, whether the X-Men films to their comic books, Game of Thrones to a Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter to JK Rowland’s online Potter World  (X), there seems to be high demand amongst ‘fandoms’ for more of the characters and stars they love.


Henry Jenkins describes trans media texts, “it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life” (X) say the way children play with action figures of movie characters. Essentially, trans media texts allow an experience beyond the immediate source allowing a deeper experience which is only evolving with the introduction of social media platforms (such as fan fiction X). It highlights another aspect of Globalisation in the International consumption of Entertainment and mutual ‘Fandom’, further enhancing the trans media experience through social media.



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