Music Produsers

Media convergence has completely transformed the way in which users experience applications of media, the music industry is no exception. A form of fandom has evolved with music consumers utilising programs to create music from an array of music samples. Some of these programs include Garage Band  or ccMixter .  Although the music may lack originality there is a culture developing that accepts amateur music through Independent forms like word of mouth or self-advertising (essentially skipping the traditional music industry processes involving record deals etc). As Bruns (2008) describes “they [music consumers] occupy a hybrid position as user and producer at the same time – they are produsers“, essentially marking the ushering in of a new music experience.

The produser experience prescribes the constant flow of musical content adding an interactive and engaging level to the music industry, marking a growing departure from division as Clay Shirky remarked,

“the all‐absorbing Yin [consumer] to mass media’s all‐producing Yang”.



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