Fake it to make it

Twitter is an extremely useful social media tool. Alongside other social media platforms like Youtube or Vine, celebrities have formed within these new found media platforms similar to a film or music celebrity. Online celebrities have become a defining aspect of today’s youth. It is incredibly important that tips are gleaned from those who have had success on an online platform.

Tips to success are much clearer then one might imagine, to the point a robot can become an online success simply by implementing strategies developed by mathematical algorithm’s. Such as Carina Santos, who become successful amongst her followers despite being a robot. furthermore, it identifies a weakness for twitter infiltration, and highlights the issue of facades on social media, by Bots as Fabrício Benevenuto professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais stated “It’s just so easy to infiltrate.”

Surely if a robot can find success online so can us humans, the key might just be understanding and manipulating the patterns of social media to get the desired result. It appears success often comes to those who understand the concept of ‘fake it to make it’.



One thought on “Fake it to make it

  1. Pretty interesting post ya got there! I like how you’ve related the idea of celebrity popularity and compared it to popular bots.

    I find it a touch confusing when you mention success a few times but haven’t really defined what you mean by ‘success’ in regards to social media. Also, a few more links in regards to your points would be nice as I’d like to read on about the bot-twitter popularity. Apart from the that, the post is fairly well rounded and gives one something to think about!

    This blog post is really interesting and talks about the different type of creative, intriguing and smart bots that post relevant content to your interests. A pretty good read that adds to the positive attitude towards twitter bots!


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