Professional vs Citizen

This is an exciting time for citizen journalism, with vast capabilities and resources to utilise, audiences need no longer be victim to bias news reports. Professional journalism is considered ethical and polished; whereas, citizen journalism can surface fears of illegitimacy due to a lack of professional training. This may be correct when viewing journalism through a traditional lens. Professional journalists have limitations, where an individual can capture images of footage on their phone or a drone by being in the right place at the right time.

Meme: stereotyping conflict between professional and citizen journalism, from a professional perspective.

However, Citizen journalism has evolved into a sophisticated form of content sharing (read X for more info ). For example, developing networks of collaborative filtering which, due to its success, has been utilised by Amazon who have taken on similar ideal’s in basing recommendations off an evaluation of its large user-base’s search, listing, and purchase patterns. Furthermore, sites like Indymedia, Slashdot or Openglobe that are popular and widely recognised. This highlights a growing acceptance of citizen journalist’s as a recognised form of journalism.



2 thoughts on “Professional vs Citizen

  1. Really interesting post! Kind of put things in to a different perspective for me. I definitely don’t think citizen journalism is going to take over professional journalism, i believe they should co-exist. However, i always believed that maybe it was professional journalism that was becoming slightly unreliable due to the fact we may not always be gaining a rounded view, as we are willing to automatically take in the view point of the reporter, thus possibly not being fully educated on the topic, but i’ve had a realisation that this can just as easily be a problem with citizen journalism also due to the fact that just anyone can post and its unlikely people will be bothered to look into copious amounts of sources! Thought provoking read, thanks for that!


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