COPYright or wrong?




I left this weeks lecture with an overwhelming sense of paranoia in regards to all things copyright! Every birthday recording of me as a child is now tainted by the fact that the moment is somewhat owned by Time-warner. It provoked fear for undertaking any venture in the future that may involve appropriating media (what sort of copyright laws could I breach without even realising). I might be a bit dramatic. As obscene as some instances of enforcement of copyright laws may be ( E.g. X X) the value of copyright and intellectual property is undeniable.

If I was an exceptional novelist or groundbreaking music producer I would feel entitled to what I have created, and against the idea that all my work is not really actually mine at all! Strict regulation of copyright is evident in Australian Legislation and no doubt thoroughly protects intellectual property. I could not help wonder what say individuals have in the ways in which their property is handled and disseminated and was pleased upon reading an arts law article that there are multiple options available to owners of intellectual property in terms of where it is shared who is allowed rights to the work, in line with a strong legislative framework. Essentially, when common sense is taken in consideration copyright laws are an important aspect of protecting creative expression for creators. 

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‘Generation Online’ Anxieties

Throughout history it is pretty clear society has ushered in new inventions and technologies with trepidation (often the more conservative or elderly demographics) from light bulbs in houses, and television sets in living rooms. This is a condolence shared today. A reoccurring theme in the social media debate is the anxiety directed towards societies youth, are teens impressionable victims or the forerunners for expanding the capabilities of online social media?

We are living in a world in which babies develop the ability to operate i-pads before walking (which is literally one of the most basic aspects of human development) which is crazy. There is suggestion that my generation ‘grew up online’, but when in comparison to some babies today I cannot fully agree. I suggest that our childhood was much more focused on afternoon TV programs then being online, we have developed alongside the rise of social media. We have grown up with social media enough to grasp a thorough understanding of online interactions whilst having somewhat of a grounding as children who lived without it. I have a younger sister and I observe a much higher dependency on online resources and social media at the age of 12 than in my own experience, will generations develop a dependancy to instant access to resources, unable to comprehend an alternative lifestyle? Perhaps any hesitancy I may convey is simply revealing an internalised fear of the unknown, as apart of human nature. Instead of succumbing to dystopian illustrations of the future society should clutch to the positive outcomes. That future generations will be so well informed of current affairs that change and reform will be brought about much faster; or, consider the innovative forms of education that will be available. An initiative in UNHCR camps for Somali refugees offers education through online means allowing students to see the world in pictures and video’s in an interactive space,

“We are grateful for this e-learning project as it has opened a window to the world for refugee students”- Leonard Zulu, UNHCR’s senior protection coordinator in Dadaab.

This is the future society should focus on.     

Today the phenomenon of social media is used for all sorts of purposes some positive, some negative and some just controversial. There are existing societal issues that have been only been made more controversial and complicated with the development of social media and online content including drugs, pornography and violence. Issues specific to the development of social media draw parallels with existing societal issues (especially regarding youth) which can include sexting, cyberbullying and more recently the radicalisation recruitment amongst teens. Evidently there are major issues surrounding the negative capabilities of social media. However, as history would suggest this will not inhibit usage but rather motivate progress and innovation for societal and social media platforms. 

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The Medium is the Message?


The theme of this week’s BCM112 lecture had me resembling Keanu where my attempts at comprehending the idea of “the medium is the message” left me only more confused by  overthinking. The closest I was to understanding the concept was when I imagined it in specific contexts, looking at factors that attributed to outcomes and how if these were removed the outcome would almost entirely change!

Human Rights regarding women has fallen into the spotlight with ‘International Women’s Day’ taking place last week. The suffragette movement of the 20th century saw the use of newspaper and media exposure relative to the time. In a modern context we see a different medium for awareness, media can be disseminated almost uncensored across the world instantly. Take the ‘India’s Daughter’ documentary that was banned from India by the Indian government; yet, is now available on the Australian Netflix and has aired in countries across the Globe. It centres around the gang-rape of Jyoti Singh and protests that took place in India around women’s rights and protection. Essentially, the medium dictates a difficult landscape for control and allows the power of diplomatic and societal pressure to bring change from the ‘everyday person’, in India’s context resulting in legislative reform. The message is peoples ability to empower themselves for a cause using the media as an extension of themselves.

I’m hoping this post highlighted some beneficial and interesting aspects of modern technology especially with promoting Human Rights! Thank you for stopping by.


*ALSO for more information on the India’s Daughter documentary and campaign please follow this link! I was really brief in my post so it’s definitely worth a read to grasp a bit of context*


Why am I here?

Day 1 of semester 1 subject BCM110 is down and I am in the process of sharing my blog with the world! I have been tasked with answering the question “Why am I here?” The most difficult aspect of this question is how unsure I am of an absolute answer. University seems as daunting as it is exciting, and the potential for a career afterwards even more so! When considering what degree to choose my decision changed full circle. Then I came to the conclusion Communications and Media Studies/International Studies was the one for me and University of Wollongong (UOW) was my ticket!

I had the opportunity to travel to India in 2014 and volunteered (with IJM) with survivors of sex-trafficking and other abusive situations, it opened a world to me of which I had been entirely ignorant! The thing is not everyone can see these scenario’s first hand… I think I chose to study Communication and Media Studies because of the opportunity to share the stories of people the world would otherwise be unaware of! I just really want to do my bit and help make change. Essentially, being a mouthpiece for those who cannot be heard.

What all of this looks like in a practical way I couldn’t say but I’m sure a clear picture will form as I conduct research and weekly blog submissions helping shape my interests and my public persona. My lecturer shared her nerves about starting a new year of University (feelings shared by all of us first years) assuring her support has given me the motivation to attempt the uncomfortable (blogging). Thus far BCM110 has offered the opportunity to experiment with my own creativity while stretching my intellect all within the realm of what I’m passionate about. I’m not just reciting textbooks anymore… yay!

Essentially, I’m here to learn what I can about the rapidly evolving world we live in, do my bit for the world and make some friends along the way!


*Check out this link to IJM! *

Introducing Myself

Welcome to my soon to be fantastic blog, for now my attempts at blogging will aim to give a sense of what I’m passionate about and inform my future blogging ventures! For a bit about me… I’m 18 years old and a Communications and Media Studies/International studies student at the University of Wollongong, I have a dog called ‘Elliot’, I enjoy painting and leisurely walks along the beach!

I have no experience in blogging but since I am now acquainted I am really excited by the freedom blogs offer for open discussions and creative expression. This is a platform to launch off with my designed ‘public persona’ determining the direction. I commend my lecturer on calming my nerves for the BCM112 subject and instilling in me the doctrine of ‘FEFO’… so in my attempts at success I shall fail early and fail often!

The most important consideration for my blog is that it incorporates themes in my degree with ideas and issues I am passionate about. I never had dream a career, not like I dream job I wanted in Kindergarten and carried with me to adulthood, but I have little aspirations and ideas of myself in years to come. I’m really passionate about issues concerning Human Rights. I have had the opportunity to travel overseas and volunteer with various NGO’s all these experiences were confronting but I believe helped shape who I am and what I’m doing today (like why I’m enrolled in BCMS/INTS at UOW). I view creativity and expression as a platform for social commentary; therefore, whether its painting on a canvas or posting on a blog there is endless potential for people passionate about a cause. I suppose thats what I’m aiming for in my blog… finding the place where expression meets passion. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and having a read at the beginnings of my blog ! Please bare with my skills as I’m in the grips of understanding the blogging world!